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Many restaurants, bars, bakeries, pizzerias, school cafeterias, hospitals, and general food service clients trust the Frog with their respective dreams.   For the past decade, the Frog team has been continuing to fulfill our mission to offer the best equipment at the best prices— in other words delivering the dream.   Our core philosophy has never changed. We sell in volume and offer you the savings.  We are known for selling workhorse kitchens & food trucks.  If you’re looking for a Cadillac that’s not us.  Our team is ethically bound to save you money if and where they can.  We treat you like family and that is why the Frog has so much repeat business.

“If it’s big and it plugs-in, then we have it,” – Connie, President at One Fat Frog

In the past decade the Frog has grown to offer a our customers a variety of knowledge & service unsurpassed by others in the industry.  Our 100,000 square foot showroom/warehouse in Orlando FL houses more used & new equipment than anyone out there.  We have master-level technicians (for hotline and coldine), a fabrication department, a paint department, a classroom, delivery team, finance & lease department as well as digital media.

Our owner’s background is education, having worked everything from Chinese restaurant, casino, cocktailing, fine dining, Mexican cantina and more she’s got a lot of experience to offer.  We sit with more startups then anyone else.  We’re going to dialogue with you about your business plan, discuss your location, ask to see your logo and give you feedback if you don’t have a logo, yet.  Get prepared, you’re part of the Frog family and we will stand by you to help you in any way possible.

Let Us Deliver Your Dream.

This is what we do

Why One Fat Frog?

Large Variety of New/Used Equipment

Our headquarters in Orlando houses 100,000 square-feet of both new and used restaurant equipment. No matter what kind of concept you’re opening, there’s a good chance we have the equipment you’ll need.

In-House Finance Department

With our in-house financing department and our finance manager, we can get you approved in minutes–we’ll even accept bad credit.

Dedicated Customer Service

With a dedicated sales team and an independent delivery system, we aim to provide you the highest levels of courtesy and efficiency so you can get your dream started as soon as possible.

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Technical & Industry News

Latest Updates

It may be preferable to buy appliances and equipment for your restaurant piece-by-piece. But here at One Fat Frog we have something that makes things simple and easy: Packaged Discounts. This means you can get everything you need for your restaurant and food truck from one place, and get great discounts as well. Whether you’re… Read More

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Buying a steamer is pretty sacrosanct for your restaurant if you cook a lot of vegetables, fish, or just want to be healthy-conscious when cooking your dishes. But while most steamers might look like a microwave or an oven, there are different steamers for different applications.

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Meet one of the newest inductees of our inventory, a Master-Bilt IHC-48. Although it might sound like pretty much any other freezer out there, this blast freezer has a specific purpose. And (to forgive the pun) it does a blast doing so. Before we get to the nilly-willy, you can also use them as ice cream… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

Amazing. Connie and Amin took personal interest in the success of our restaurant. John helped make sure all of the equipment was working properly. Flexible and accommodating deliveries, excellent equipment to choose from, an all around great experience. Why buy new when you can get the same thing for slightly used and fixed up for way less money. Could not have opened up without their help. When I open my next establishment i will be returning to The Frog.”  – Michael Roller, Scratch Tapas, Winter Park, FL

Ashley, Michael & Chef Dustin had a great plan.  As we became closer to them it became our pet project- we even painted a 50s refrigerator sea foam green for them! We were able to provide them with large wooden doors, a wine rack and a glass rack that they repurposed into one of the most magnificent bars we’ve ever seen!   Within a year of opening they quickly received praise from Scott Joseph & an episode of Emeril’s tv show.

We were pleased when GoGanics owner, Nureya Monroe, entrepreneur, mother of two and wife to NFL Baltimore Ravens player Eugene Monroe asked us to work with her on her food truck.  It was our pleasure to work with her team to create an amazing organic, fresh to the table food truck!  Her vision was crisp and clean, her food amazing and she was a sweetheart to work with.  Nureya’s truck has some amazing equipment such as a pair of UNOX Combi-Therm ovens where she makes her amazing Lamb Sliders!

The Frog was honored when Chef Ricardo from Havana asked us to help him on his expansion.  His Bistro has become our go-to for lunch several times a week.  From booths to equipment, Chef Ricardo came to the Frog.

Our whole team loves him and it’s like family when he stops by to see us several times a week!  Before Chef Ricardo came to the US, he was a physician in Cuba and he has amazing stories to tell.

If you’re in the neighborhood we need to tell you he’s a Pastry Chef by trade and his desserts are to die for!

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