What is the common food-grade Stainless Steel?

As there are many different kinds of cars and a seemingly infinite amount of computers, there are different kinds of stainless steel. Most people usually assume stainless steel is just what it is, like there would be just iron and aluminum. But especially with restaurant equipment, stainless steel is not just something to be taken for granted–especially not when people’s food is on the line.

The most common type of stainless steel (and the one this post will focus on) is austentite stainless steel. Basically, this means that the microscopic structure on the crystals looks like a cube. Now there are other kinds of stainless steel that are weaker and stronger (for example, martenistic stainless steel is used for Swiss Army knives). But the most common stainless steel is what is called SAE 304 (SAE, by the way, means the Society of Automotive Engineers).

SAE 304 is the formal name, but everybody knows it as 18/8 stainless steel, or food-grade stainless steel. This means SAE 304 has 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Now there are other variants, such as 18/0 stainless steel (that’s usually used in knives), but this kind of stainless steel is important because of a couple reasons: A. It’s doesn’t corrode easily (unlike aluminum). B. It’s temperature-resistant.

Today, it may be a no-brainer to go stainless-steel (One Fat Frog’s inventory does stainless-steel), but in the past that wasn’t always the case. A couple years ago, General Electric tried to stay away from the business by experimenting with other materials.  But more often than not, the consumer follows the professional–not the other way around (like One Fat Frog).

Ultimately, stainless steel is popular because it just works. You may have to clean a few fingerprint smudges once in a while, but you know it’ll last (like our restaurant equipment!)

Advance Tabco Stainless Steel Sinks – Truckloads In

We just got in truckloads of Advance Tabco stainless steel sinks. We have two types of units, handwash sinks and 3 compartment sinks.

The 3 compartment sinks include:

Left & right drain board

4 legs

hot & cold


The handwash sinks include:

Side splash

hot & cold

Come and see the units today.

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809




One Fat Frog selling walkin units

Walk-in coolerYou probably already know that One Fat Frog sells a lot of standard restaurant cooking equipment – things like ranges, ovens, and fryers. You probably know that we also have preparation equipment, such as refrigerated prep tables, worktop coolers and stainless steel work stations. And you probably know that we have refrigeration like reach-in coolers, freezers and refrigerators. But did you know that we did walk-in units as well?

Walk-in units are more of a specialty item, so you won’t find them at a lot of restaurant equipment dealers. Part of that is because they’re so big and heavy. Part of it is because their specifications have to be so exact for them to work with your restaurant kitchen. But not only does One Fat Frog sell these walk-in units, but we are one of the largest volume dealers in the state for them.

One Fat Frog sells custom walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, walk-in refrigerators, and walk-in combo units. The walk-in boxes are lightly used but they all come with brand new compressors. You tell us how you need the walk-in units and we have them made to your specs. How many shelves do you need inside and where do you need them? Where do you want the door to be located and which way should it swing? Do you want a floor built in? All of these are questions that we’ll ask you so we make the walk-in cooler exactly how you want it.

When it comes to size, we have a few standard sizes that we do:

6×6, 6×8, 6×10, 6×12

8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 8×14, 8×16

10×10, 10×12

None of those sizes work for you? That’s okay. We can custom make other sizes and shapes as well. We will also do smaller step-in coolers and freezers and outdoor walk-in units. So if you need a walk-in cooler, freezer, refrigerator or combo unit, make One Fat Frog the first place you look.

FAQ: Chill Rite remote beer tap system

Chill Rite remote tap systemYou know what’s better than a fresh draft beer? Nothing. Nothing at all. Then again, I’m a recovering alcoholic. Anyway, One Fat Frog just got in an awesome remote draft system. It’s by Chill Rite and it is a 12 tap remote system for your bar. Here are some frequently asked questions.

So what’s a remote draft system?

Traditional keg towers have the taps connected directly to the kegerator, which would have to be located under the bar counter. With a remote draft system, you keep your kegs a good distance away from the bar area and they are connected to the taps with insulated lines. The lines are then pressurized, which sends the beer through the lines and to the tap.

What is the advantage of a remote draft system?

It’s freaking cool! But aside from that, a remote draft system allows for a more efficient use of your space. You can put the kegs wherever it makes sense to put them rather than being forced to put them at the bar. The remote beer tap system also reduces the foam in the beer and makes it easier to keep the beer cold.

This delivery system sounds really complex. Will you install it for me?

One Fat Frog will not install the Chill Rite remote beer system, but we will arrange with the Chill Rite factory for them to install the equipment for you. So don’t worry; experts from Chill Rite who know exactly what they’re doing will handle the installation.

Should I buy this?

Yes, you should. It’s 12 taps. It’s a cool remote delivery system. It’s the perfect awesome piece of equipment for your bar.

Just in: Renato AR600S Brick Oven

Renato ovenOne Fat Frog just got in a new oven that we are excited about and we’re sure you will be excited as well. It’s a Renato AR600S brick oven. This is a wood burning, gas assisted oven and it is perfect for a restaurant or for your summer kitchen at home. This is a display oven meant to be the centerpiece for the awesome backyard parties, although restaurants that cook a lot of pizza or flatbread use these as well. For those not in the know, Renato is one of the biggest names in brick ovens and this model is one of their best. You’ve probably seen Guy Fieri using it on many occasions.

This large oven is 68” x 79” on the outside and is 36” high. This is one heavy duty oven as well, literally. This baby is 6,500 pounds of wood-cooking muscle. The oven boasts a solid steel frame and has digital temperature controls for the gas assist. What makes this oven so great is that you get both the great flavor of a wood burning oven while still getting the increased efficiency of gas ovens.

We can do financing for this oven both for commercial restaurant use and for home personal use, if you want it for your  backyard summer kitchen. And if you do want it for your summer kitchen, can I come over for the pool party? (I’m assuming you also have a huge lagoon pool with waterfalls and stuff, because that’s the kind of thing that goes along with an awesome summer kitchen).

If you’re interested in this Renato AR600S brick oven, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409.

Hobart Commercial Dishwasher For Sale

dishwasherIf you’re like most of the people we meet at One Fat Frog, you love to cook, but you hate doing dishes. That’s why the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions in history. In fact, I think we should start using the phrase “greatest thing since the dishwasher” rather than “greatest thing since sliced bread.” While a dishwasher makes things a lot more pleasant at home, it’s even more important for your restaurant. Back in the day, when everything had to be washed by hand, that meant a lot of time wasted on cleanup and a lot of money wasted on payroll for dishwashers. Though you will never completely eliminate hand dishwashing, One Fat Frog has one of the top models in commercial dishwashers that can make your restaurant’s cleanup much more effective and efficient.

This right here is a Hobart C44A dishwasher. If you don’t know this already, Hobart is the gold standard when it comes to commercial dishwashers (and if you didn’t know that, it’s okay; we can’t all be restaurant equipment experts). The Hobart C44A is a heavy-duty dishwasher that can wash 202 racks per hour. It is a pass-through dishwasher that uses a conveyor system. It is made of stainless steel, has an automatic timer, anti-clogging wash arms, and a self-draining pump and impeller. The automatic timer means the dishwasher requires less manual operation. The dishwasher automatically starts when a rack is placed on the conveyor and then automatically stops when the last rack passes through. This Hobart dishwasher is efficient and can take care of the dishwashing needs of even the busiest restaurant. It is a used model so you will save a lot of money by buying from the Frog.

Used Pass-Through Pizza Oven From APW Wyott

conveyor-ovenOne Fat Frog just got a cool used conveyor oven in stock and we’re excited about this piece of restaurant equipment. This baby is an APW Wyott, model number X*WAV*EZ 1829. We’re selling it at a price ridiculously below value. Seriously, if you come in, look at this conveyor oven and ask the salesperson how much we’re charging, you’ll probably laugh and assume it’s a joke. I would print the price here but again, you would think we’re pranking you. We’re not. We wouldn’t do that. Actually, we might, because we love practical jokes, but we’re not in this case.

One of the things that makes this pass-through conveyor oven so great is its versatility. You probably look at it and think “that’s a nice pizza oven.” But it’s so much more than a pizza oven. You can cook flatbread, bagels, pretzels, subs, pasta, steak, and so much more on this conveyor oven. This oven’s conveyor system makes sure the food is cooked evenly, and its ceramic heat system is 31% more efficient than the standard quartz system.

This conveyor oven is high tech, with 99 programmable menu options. The conveyor speed can be set as slowly as for a 12-minute pass or as quickly as in 30 seconds. High temperature insulation is used to keep the exterior ool to the touch, reducing the risk of those awful accidental burns.

As for the oven’s specifications, I can tell you that it is 50.5 inches long (including the conveyor), 28 inches wide, and 18 inches high. The exteriors are made of 18 gauge stainless steel and the conveyor is non-corrosive steel. If you’re in the market for a conveyor oven, this is a great oven at a great deal. If you’re not familiar with APW Wyott, it may be a funny name but they’re one of the top brands for these ovens. Stop by the One Fat Frog warehouse and check it out in person.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809


Master Bilt Ice Cream Dipping Case for Sale

Master_Bilt_Dipping_CaseWhen I was a kid, one of the great pleasures in life was getting to go to the local ice cream shop, where I could walk down the dipping case, checking out the plethora of flavor options, and then decide what I wanted to eat. It was usually some combination that wasn’t standard – a scoop of this, a scoop of that. Actually, I shouldn’t say “when I was a kid,” because it’s still one of my life’s greatest pleasures. Maybe I need a more pleasurable life.

Anyway, One Fat Frog has a few used ice cream dipping cases for sale. They are from Master Bilt, one of the top brands in the dipping case industry (trust me, it’s true). These white dipping cases are 48” x 28” deep x 50” high. They can display 8 cans (standard 3 gallon cans) of ice cream plus another 4 in storage.

This Master Bilt ice cream dipping case has a flat glass lid and removable frost shields. That frost shield is your best friend because it makes frost collect on the surface of that shield rather than inside the dipping case. And if there’s one thing I know about ice cream, it’s that frost is not its best friend.

This ice cream dipping case also features a viewing window made of tempered plate glass. It has a convenient floor drain. It also has lid wiper gaskets to the top and side. It basically has everything except the ice cream itself, which you will have to provide.

Having one of these dipping cases doesn’t guarantee happiness, but I know there will be a lot of happy kids (and adults) in your ice cream shop. In this life, I guess that’s the closest you get to a guarantee.

Big discount on countertop pizza oven

bakers pride countertop pizza ovenRight now One Fat Frog is holding a big sale on some of our used merchandise. One such item we’re blowing out is a countertop pizza oven by Baker’s Pride. This compact pizza oven is perfect for anyone who wants to cook pizza, pretzels, flat bread, bagels and such but doesn’t have the space for a full sized pizza oven. Today only we are selling it at the ridiculously low price of $600.00.

This baby is only 17 inches high and 26 inches wide, so you can find room in pretty much any kitchen, even if you’re just a little kiosk in the mall. In fact, this is the perfect oven for a pizza place or pretzel shop in the mall.

This Baker’s Pride countertop pizza oven is 3600 watts and cooks in temperatures from 284 degrees to 680 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a single backing chamber with two stone decks. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and has a built-in timer, which is a must for multitasking chefs.

Baker's Pride pizza ovenIf you need something a little bigger, One Fat Frog has you covered. We also have a big discount price for the full size Baker’s Pride single-deck pizza oven. We’re selling this oven for the crazy low price of $1,900.00. This is the 805 series pizza oven with a full size of 53 ¼ inches x 43 inches x 54 ¾ inches. It cooks at up to 60,000 BTU.

Both of these pizza ovens are used and in great condition. Both are gas pizza ovens and both will go quickly at these prices, so you better call the Frog at 407-480-3409 or stop by our warehouse at 2416 Sand Lake Road in Orlando, FL right away.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Financing

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to finance the restaurant of your dreams! We can help you get your restaurant career on the fast track quickly and painlessly through our uncomplicated financing plan. Getting the commercial restaurant equipment you need has never been easier.

One Fat Frog wants to work with you no matter what shape your credit is in. We are the only used restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with its own in-house finance manage, which gives us a serious edge when it comes to getting approval. Whether you’re interested in opening up your own restaurant, bar, pizzeria, food truck, cafe, etc., we want to finance you for all of the commercial restaurant equipment you need.

For more info on the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment finance plan, click here: http://onefatfrog.com/financing.htm

One Fat Frog is happy to finance both start up restaurants and established locations alike. No matter where used commercial restaurant equipment is needed, One Fat Frog wants to help make dreams come true.

We also offer free delivery to most of Florida, free custom paint jobs, and free gas conversion. One Fat Frog offers more ways to save than any other commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the Sunshine State.

Used Hickory Rotisserie For Sale

RotisserieThere is nothing quite like a slow-cooked rotisserie chicken. The tenderness of the meat, the way the seasoning is absorbed as it cooks, it just can’t be beat. Right now One Fat Frog has a great rotisserie oven for sale. It’s a used double stack rotisserie from Hickory and in a word, it’s amazing.

This Hickory rotisserie oven give you maximum cooking ability while taking up a minimum amount of space, thanks to its double stack design and skinny stature. The oven takes up only 8 square feet of floor space but allows you to cook up to 50 chickens at once. This oven uses self-basting spits, so you don’t need to keep opening the door to do the basting yourself. Instead, load up the chicken, turn on the rotisserie, and go do something else for the next hour. It’s that simple.

Probably the greatest feature is that the two cooking compartments operate independently. You can have one set to cook while the other warms, you can have both cook, or you can have both warm. That kind of versatility comes in handy, especially if you have a small kitchen without much equipment. While cooking, it also serves as a great merchandiser, because who can see that delicious chicken cooking on the rotisserie and not order one? I keep saying chicken, but you can cook so much more than birds in this thing. It cooks using either spits or baskets.

The Hickory rotisserie oven uses timers to avoid overcooking. It cooks using infa-red heat and convection. The temperature goes up to 500 degrees F. Interior lights make sure that the rotating delicious food is always well displayed to its maximum mouth-watering effectiveness. It includes stainless steel drip pans that are easy to clean.

If you’re in the market for a rotisserie, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409. If this unit is too large, we also have a similar rotisserie available in a counter-top model.

Buy this new American Range flat griddle

griddleToday One Fat Frog’s featured item is a new piece of equipment by American Range. This American Range flat griddle, model number ARMG-24, is a valuable addition to the Frog’s 100,000-square-foot warehouse. It’s a great versatile griddle that allows you to cook quickly and efficiently while taking up little space in our kitchen.

One of the great things about flat griddles as opposed to conventional grills is that it cooks over the entire surface and you can do a lot of different kinds of cooking at the same time, such as cooking chicken while boiling water for rice. Because the entire surface is heated, the food also cooks more evenly. They’re a whole lot easier to clean than those grill grates, too, I can assure you.

Okay, so we call know that flat griddles in general are great, but what about this American Range griddle? First of all, American Range is one of the top manufacturers of griddles for a reason: they make a great quality product. This flat griddle has a 24” deep cooking surface and the exterior is stainless steel. The griddle plates are ¾” thick. There is a very handy grease trough leading into a grease pan, which helps with cleanup and also helps make your food healthier. Underneath the griddle plate are two U-shaped burners that heat the cooking surface.

This particular griddle is one of the smallest that American Range has, with a 12” version being their smallest. If you want a larger griddle and have the room, they go all the way up to 72” in size. One Fat Frog has a large stock of griddles in all sizes so we can accommodate your griddle needs, whatever they are.

Groen Tilt Kettle for Sale

IMG_0585See this beauty? This is a Groen tilt kettle. It’s a used steam kettle and one of the best in the industry. You might be thinking should I buy a tilt kettle? If so, the answer is yes. Right now you might be thinking but why should I? That answer is a little more in depth, but One Fat Frog is here to educate you.

First of all, anything you normally cook in a stock pot you can cook in one of these tilt kettles. If you cook it in the kettle, though, your food will cook better, taste better, and your cooking will be more efficient. Your range burners only heat the bottom of a stock pot, whereas with this tilt kettle, the steam heats the entire inside of the kettle. That means your food is getting heated more evenly and it also means your food will cook faster, which will save you money.

When cooking with a Groen tilt kettle, you can also be more efficient in terms of manpower. A large tilt kettle will hold more than most stock pots and more importantly, they don’t need the same attention while the food is cooking. That means no cooks standing around a pot, checking it and stirring it. Instead, the cooks can put the food in the tilt kettle, set it, and forget it. That frees up the cooks to do other things, making your kitchen more efficient. In some cases, it could mean that your kitchen can operate with fewer cooks, making your payroll cheaper.

Another advantage of one of these tilt kettles is that it will save you on cleanup. You can combine food that would otherwise need to be cooked in separate pots. Again, that makes you more efficient and it also gives you less to clean. The other big advantage is the advantage of steam cooking. Steam is the best heat transfer medium for cooking due to the increased energy inherent in steam. I would go into that more, but I don’t want to sound like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

We have this used Groen tilt kettle for sale. It’s in great shape and would be a valuable addition to almost any kitchen. If you’re interested in the kettle, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409 and we’ll set up a time for you to check it out.

Randell refrigerated prep table

IMG_0692One Fat Frog has some good refrigerated prep tables that you need to know about. The prep tables are made by Randell, a quality manufacturer who has been making this kind of thing since 1975. The prep tables are 84” and have three cabinet doors. These particular prep tables, of which we have two in stock, are model number 9050K-7M. The model is officially called a Saladtop Refrigerated Prep Table, but don’t let the word “salad” fool you. You can prep basically anything you want; not just salad. In fact, this particular prep table is probably most often used in sandwich shops and delis.

The prep table has a raised condiment bar for you to store all the toppings and condiments you want to add to the food you’re prepping. It has a recessed pan ledge. The top, cover, front, and doors of this prep table are stainless steel, with the interior made of aluminum. All of the doors, cabinets and pans are refrigerated to keep your food nice and cool. With all of the tabletop space and interior storage space, this model is considered a “high volume” prep table.

The cooling system in this refrigerated prep table keeps your food cold without worrying about it freezing. The cooling system basically just sends a flow of cold air over the food from front to back. The low velocity of the cooling system helps avoid food damage or freezing. The lack of a rear exhaust also means the prep table cools more efficiently and requires less space in your restaurant. These prep tables are highly versatile. If you want to add small appliances, such as toasters, microwaves or a small conveyor oven to the table top, go right ahead!

The Randell refrigerated prep table is 84” long x 33” deep. The refrigerant is CFC free. Like all used restaurant equipment, this is part of our big Spooktacular Sale that is going on right now. If you spend $5,000 on used equipment, One Fat Frog will give you a free new slicer. If you spend $10,000 on used equipment, the Frog will give you a free new fryer. If you spend $15,000 on used equipment, you get to go home with a new flat screen TV. If that sounds good to you, stop by our new warehouse and showroom at 2416 Sand Lake Road in Orlando.

We have a nice Grab N Go Cooler

Grab-N-GoOne Fat Frog has a nice used Grab N Go cooler for sale. What’s a Grab N Go, you ask? Well, other people might call it a Grab & Go or a Grab And Go cooler. They are also sometimes called open air merchandisers, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

Whatever you call it, it is a refrigerated display cooler that is meant to entice customers to grab something off of it and buy it. It’s basically a cooler for impulse items for people to buy while they are waiting at a store or restaurant.

You see Grab N Go coolers most often at the supermarket. While waiting in line at the deli while they slice your meat, you’ll see a Grab N Go cooler that whispers to you “hey, why don’t you buy some iced tea while you’re waiting? Hey, would you like some banana pudding? Maybe a fruit cocktail?” A different version of a Grab N Go Cooler is found at virtually every checkout line at the grocery store, stocked with cold soda. Sure, you could have bought soda for cheaper from the soda aisle, but now that you’re in line, that cold, overpriced drink sure looks good….

And that’s the point of the Grab N Go cooler. It grabs the attention of the customer, making them grab the product you’re selling and then go buy it. Sandwich shops and other small restaurants do great work with these coolers as well.

This is a Kysor Warren Grab N Go cooler. It’s rounded and its dimensions are 52” x 45” x 58”. Right about now you might be thinking, “wow, that thing is really yellow. I don’t think I want a yellow cooler. It’s too bright and doesn’t fit my restaurant’s color scheme.” Hey now, no need to worry about that. One Fat Frog will repaint the cooler for free. Want it in blue? We’ll paint it blue. Want it purple with lots of flowers? Sure, we’ll do that. Want it black with skulls and crossbones? One Fat Frog would recommend against that custom paint job, but if you want it we will paint it for you. Come by our new warehouse at 2416 Sand Lake Road and check it out.

Henny Penny pressure fryer for sale

IMG_0582Look at this Henny Penny pressure fryer. Ain’t she a beauty? Maybe you need to be into fryers to understand. If you’re not, let One Fat Frog educate you about why this pressure fryer is so great.

You might be wondering, what’s a pressure fryer and how is it different from a regular fryer? With pressure fryers, the food you are frying is sealed inside the fryer. The latch is air-tight, which doesn’t allow air or moisture to enter or leave the frying bin. When the moisture from the food evaporates, it becomes pressurized which seals in the food’s natural juices and seals out the cooking oil.

Okay, so I guess it’s different. But what makes a pressure fryer better than a traditional fryer? I’m glad you asked. There are a lot of advantages of a pressure fryer, with the main ones being that it is healthier, tastes better, and is more efficient.

Pressure Fryers are healthier. The pressure seals out the cooking oil, making less of it get absorbed into the food. Less oil into the food means the food isn’t as greasy (think of Chick-Fil-A’s fried chicken versus KFC’s), which is healthier.

Pressure fryers make your food taste better. In addition to sealing out the cooking oil, the pressure seals in the meat’s natural juices. That means your food tastes more like your food is supposed to taste, without oil, grease and other things masking its natural flavor.

Pressure fryers are more efficient. The more efficient heat transfer of pressure frying means that the food can cook at a lower temperature and still cook faster. That means cooking takes less time and uses less energy.

Pressure fryers are the best way to fry food and this Henny Penny is a great addition to any kitchen. Any kitchen that does frying, that is.

New off the truck: General Meat Slicer GSE 110

General slicerThe One Fat Frog delivery struck just dropped off a bunch of goodies for us. One such treat is a brand new General meat slicer. If you love slicing up some meat, whether you run a deli, café, or you just bring sandwiches to work every day and love for them to be fresh sliced (is this Frog the only one like that?), this General meat slicer could be what you need.

This General meat slicer is model number GSE 110. What that means to you is that it’s a 10-inch slicer. That makes it medium in size, since General also offers a 9-inch slicer (GSE 109) and a 12-inch slicer (GSE 112). The slicer’s stated size is determined by the size of the blade, meaning this General GSE 110 slicer has a 10-inch blade.

The General GSE 110 is a 120-volt slicer, just like all of their slicers. That gives you plenty of power for your slicing without using up too much electricity. This commercial meat slicer is made for light to medium amounts of slicing; if you are a high-volume deli that always has long lines of people waiting for their meat, you might want to get the GSE 112 instead. The meat slicer used a patented belt and pulley system to give it maximum torque, which allows the blade to smoothly cut through that meat. When it comes to meat cutting, smooth is exactly what you want.

The General meat slicer’s overall size is 19” wide x 15.5” diameter x 14” high. The slicer weighs in at 44 lbs.

“Okay, Mister Frog, all of that is fine, but how does it cut?” I’m guessing that question was running through your mind. Here’s how it cuts. The maximum capacity load for the meat slicer is 8” x 6.5”. As for the size of the slices, it can do anything from tiny, microscopic shavings up to 7/16”.

If you get as excited about cutting meat as Peyton Manning does (“Cut that meat! Cut that meat!”), you’re probably drooling right about now. If not, hopefully you at least realize that this is a quality meat slicer that can service your slicing needs. If you’re not sure, stop by the One Fat Frog showroom and check it out in person.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809


Baker’s Pride Pizza Oven

Baker's Pride pizza ovenRestaurant entrepreneurs looking to open up a pizzeria will need a good pizza oven. Same goes for any Italian restaurant or really any place where you’re going to serve pizza. As one of the staples of Italian and/or American cuisine, there are tons of great pizza ovens out there. One of the best that we at One Fat Frog recommend is the Baker’s Pride pizza oven 805 series.

This deck oven is made for cooking large amounts of pizza. If the two decks aren’t enough for you, you can stack a second oven on top of this one. The pizza oven is heavy duty stainless steel. It is a gas oven with easy to control valve and pressure regulators. The oven is perfect for pizza, bread, pretzels, and anything else that you should throw in a hot deck oven. Here are some more specs on the Baker’s Pride pizza oven:

  • 60,000 BTU
  • 300-350 degree decks
  • 3/4 –inch NPT gas connection
  • 36” x 36” deck size
  • 53 ¼” x 43” x 54 ¾” overall size
  • Removable legs for easy stacking
  • Top and bottom heat control dampers
  • Slide-out flame diverter
  • Fully insulated doors
  • Stainless steel construction

We at One Fat Frog would love to help you get your pizza restaurant started. We offer free delivery to most of Florida on this oven and have quick and easy financing. If you stop by our new showroom, we can show off the oven to you. Maybe we can even do some test-cooking for you (or maybe that’s just this Frog craving some fresh-baked pizza).

One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809 • Orlando, FL •


Restaurant Equipment Spotlight: Southbend Silverstar Convection Oven

One Fat Frog is pleased to introduce you to the Southbend Silverstar Convection Oven. Take a look. Ain’t she perrty?

Southbend Silverstar Convection Oven

This Southbend oven is one of the top models in the industry, and here’s why. It’s a 64” high double deck, which gives you plenty of oven without taking up a lot of space in your kitchen. It also has a lot of power, coming in with 72,000 BTUs per deck. The doors are stainless steel, which makes it more durable and protects against rust, and they include double pane glass that lets you monitor the cooking progress without opening the door and letting heat out. Speaking of heat, you can set the oven temperature from 140 degrees to 500 degrees F.

The Southbend Silverstare convection oven has eleven rack positions and a porcelain enamel interior. Both doors can be opened with a single handle, perfect for when you have your hands full. But let’s back up a second and go over some more basic things, just in case you don’t know much about restaurant equipment and are lost at this point. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Is Southbend an Indiana company? Nope, it has nothing to do with the Indiana city that is home to Notre Dame University. However, they are an American company, based in North Carolina.

Why should I use a convection oven? Convection ovens cook faster and more uniformly than radiant ovens. No more hot and cold spots and you’ll save energy.

What is a BTU and why does it matter? BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is basically just a measurement of energy. The more BTUs your convection oven has, the more cooking power it has. So if you need more power for searing, you need a lot of BTUs. It’s basically the equivalent of your car’s horsepower.

You can get this Southbend Silverstar convection oven in our new 100,000-square-foot warehouse and showroom. Come visit us.

One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809 • Orlando, FL •




What is a Combi Oven?

So what the F@#$ is a Combi?!*

Combi?  What is Combi?!

Combi? What is Combi?!

One Fat Frog knows that you do don’t live and breathe restaurant equipment. And that’s okay. We do.  And we get this question a lot. What is a Combi?!And we want to tell you because in short, a combi is awesome!

Combi ovens are basically a combination of a steam and convection oven.

Convection ovens are improvements over radiant heat because they provide for more even and consistent cooking. (No more oven hot spots. No more pan rotation)

Steam ovens cook with steam. (Tons of great recipes are improved with a little steam – your fish never needs to be dry again!)

Combi ovens combine the best of these oven types for maximum effect. Maybe you already use convection for pastries and breads. Maybe you already steam vegetables or poach fish. But with a combi oven you can maintain precise humidity levels giving you complete control of the moisture levels of the food you are cooking!

One Fat Frog loves a combi oven – and we think you’ll love them too.

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Rational and Unox brands are available now at our 100,000 square foot warehouse in Orlando

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