Buying Guide: high temp dishwasher Hobart Jettech SALE

When buying a high temperature or low temperature commercial dishwasher folks we get many questions.  Let this guide be a FAQ Frequently asked question sheet on restaurant and commercial warewashers and dishwashers.

  • What’s the difference between High temperature and low temperature dishwashers?  High temp v. low temp:  High temp will be more efficiently in cleaning all debris and grease and lipstick.  Low Temp may be cheaper buy in.  Check with your local health code to see if there is regulation about the system you must have in place  (see our guide on this for further info on a study a university did on this topic.)
  • What’s the difference between portable and undercounter?  All portables can be put undercounter.  What is important is the dishrack size.  Portable dishracks are smaller than traditional racks.
  • What’s the difference between a warewasher and dishwasher?  Again this has a little to do with tray/ rack size and also height of the machine.
  • What’s the difference between Hobart Lx30 and LX40?  The LX30 does 30 racks an hour and the LX40 does 40.  It’s that simple.  Jet-tech dishwashers also have an amazingly speedy cycle and are certainly comparable to Hobarts.  So, you might want to consider buying new.

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