BUYING:Faema GrandItalia X5 Automatic Espresso Machine

This is a fully automatic espresso machine at a super deal- the Faema X5.  Buying an espresso machine for your commercial application can be a daunting task, but One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment has provided this guide to assist you in making this decision.

It’s important to consider the following items when purchasing a machine:

  • Where will this be stationed in our restaurant/ bar?
  • What sort of training will I need to give my employees?  Will I have one dedicated barista or will all waitstaff be trained?
  • What is the difference between Group 2, semi-automatic and fully automatic?For most customers, this is a confusing time to make a big decision.  Whenever financially possible we recommend our clients go with the largest machine they can afford as they will likely grow into it- if they can make good coffee.  And, here’s the key- making good coffee is dependent upon two things: the quality of your machine and the training of your barista.

    Let’s face it, the restaurant industry is one of high employee turnover.  One is constantly training waitstaff and adding in training on equipment is just another component and time consuming process.  In any business time equals money, so less training required before your staff hits the floor, well you do the math.  However, in the coffee business, you have to train.  To gather the repeat customers you will need to train your staff to make a consistent cup of espresso OR you need to purchase a machine that will do this for them.

    This is where the Faema comes in.  It will make 240 cups an hour!  And this is a fully automatic machine that even grinds beans! Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for writing this guide.  One Fat Frog represents Astra’s full line of new commercial espresso equipment.

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