FAQ Florida QUOTA Liquor alcohol license bar

QUOTA liquor licenses are an important part of doing business in the beverage market in Florida.  This short guide written by One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment will answer Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is a QUOTA license?

A: A quota license is created for every county’s population increase of 7500 persons.

Q:  How do you obtain a QUOTA license?

A:  In order to obtain a QUOTA license you must either buy an existing license or enter the quota drawing to win the right to apply for a quota license.  The winner of the drawing may then apply for the issuance of the new quota license.

Q:  What is the cost of a QUOTA license?

A:  There will be an annual license fee and an initial Hughes Act fee of $10,750.  The fees from the Hughes Act goes toward alcohol and drug abuse education, treatment and prevention.  If you purchase an existed QUOTA license there will be a transfer fee of no more than $5000-.  When purchasing an existing license the price can vary and will be sold directly by the owner.  The state of Florida does not regulate QUOTA licenses sold from private owners.  Price is usually dictated by supply and demand.

Q:  Explain the Hughes Act fee.

A: This fee of $10,750 is collected for anyone issued a new QUOTA liquor license.  It’s imposed on initial issuance only and is separate and in addition to the annual license fee.  These fees are put in a fund to pay for alcohol and drug abuse education initiatives, treatment and prevention programs per Florida Statute 561.19

Q:  How long does it take to get a liquor or alcoholic beverages license?  Is there any way I can start selling ASAP?

A:  Once you’ve provided a completed application, if it looks good you can purchase a TEMP license at $100- (or 1/4 of the annual license fee).  The temp fee for transfer application is another $100-.  Once the temp license is issued you can sell ASAP.

Q:  Can I transfer a beverage license from another county?

A:  A license to sell beer and wine can be transferred.  You will be assessed a change of location fee.  A liquor license cannot be transferred out of the county it was initially issued due to the ways licenses are limited to each county’s population.

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