Features: Jet-Tech commercial bar coffee glass washers

Jet-Tech commercial washers offers a complete line of glass washers designed for the bar or coffeeshop need and budget.  The smallest piece would be the F-14 which is a compact counter-top multi-purpose unit for use with anything from blender containers to cups and glasses.  It has a 110 v power hook up!

The larger model would be the Challenger.  This is a rotary style model with output of 1200 glasses per hour!  Drink much?

Then you’re looking at the Stealth model for higher volumes of 2000 glasses per hour using a 5 ft conveyor-style pass-thru model.

Jet-Tech is the answer to your bar, coffeeshop or smoothie shop needs!  Let One Fat Frog help you in purchasing the best model in your price range.

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