FEATURES: Jet Tech Deluxe Series Dishwasher commercial

Jet Tech Systems dishwashers are an exceptional value.  The Deluxe series features four models:  727, 737, 747 and 767.  Jet Tech considers many features standard that the competition doesn’t even offer.  For example:

  1. “double skin” stainless steel lateral panels which deliver ultra low heat and noise emission levels- this is important if you have a coffee shop or bar with live acoustical entertainment or a calm atmosphere.  Your customers want calm not dishwasher noise.
  2. built-in dual-energy boosters for rinse
  3. digital electronic thermometers
  4. automatic injection pumps for detergent and rinse-agent product
  5. industry’s lowest utility consumption

That is why One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment is proud to carry this green line of product.   Low utility consumption is something that benefits our pocketbook but also future generations!

The Model 767 pan washer is a great answer for protection against food-borne diseases.  It’s important that we provide exceptionally clean larger items such as metal sheet pans, mixing bowls and other large ware.

Thanks for reading this guide.  It’s our hope that you’ve gained a bit of knowledge about Jet Tech’s awesome green product and dedication to great products!

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