Fresh Island: Frozen Drink Margarita Bellini Daiquiri

When making a margarita or frozen drink, there is a difference in the types of base/ mix you use.  While that sounds logical and makes sense, we often forget that there is a difference between a slush margarita or a shaved ice drink.  Fresh Island Premium Drink mixes are the quality mix that work in all sorts of machines and consistently help you create that exquisite drink.  It’s due to fresh fruit puree, 100% RDA vitamin C, and no use of artificial preservatives.

Many margarita, bellini and daiquiri drinks swear by drinks made with shaved ice.  An ice shaver is a great machine to have as you can manipulate the blade height and thus distinguish the consistency of your frozen drink.  This is near impossible to do when you use the one-size-flavor fits all in a slush bucket machine.

Why Fresh Island?

Only recently available to home users, this product is top-shelf all around.  It’s not made of the high corn fructose syrup that some of the lesser competitors use.  In fact, this product abounds on the internet to the undiscerning buyer.

If you’re a commercial establishment, the quality of your drink has your establishment’s reputation all over it.  If you’re a home user you’re only making the drink to enjoy it and why would you want to make a lesser quality drink?

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