High Temperature commercial dishwasher warewasher sale

Why buy a high temperature commercial dishwasher from One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment?  According to independent testing from the University of Dayton there are many reasons.  Temperature controls cleanliness and quality.  So, if you’re buying a low-temp machine be ready to use extra detergent.  Here’s a short list of facts on the strengths of a high-temp machine:

  • less detergent and supplies
  • lower total costs over operating life of machine
  • pay back additional cost difference between low temp machine in first six months
  • high temp machines outperformed low-temp machines by cleaning all dishes in the rack (no rewashing in high temp machines)
  • hot water cleaning superior in removing grease, lipstick
  • lower water usage
  • faster washing cycles
  • some low temp are mechanically inferior (yes the testing proved this)

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