Hobart high temperature dishwasher LX30 LX40 for sale

Hobart LX Series Dish Machines,

LX-18, LX-30, LX-40

High production, solid state controls and a sleek
stainless steel cabinet for industrial strength
durability highlight an extended list of features.

Other standard features include:
• Two dishracks–one peg and one combination.
• Automatic pumped drain/automatic fill.
• Heavy-duty hinged doors and tank.
• 17″ chamber to accept 16 x 18″ trays.
• Top mounted, slide out controls.
• Heavy-duty 3/4
hp motor/3 gallon tank capacity.
• Dual upper and lower wash arms–non-clogging
high pressure spray.
• Serviceability from front of machine–built-in
diagnostics ON, OFF, WASH.
• Dimensions: 33 ¾ x 24 x 28″.
• Built-in booster (H) and chemical sanitizing (C)
models available.
• Detergent and rinse aid pumps.
• Auto delime, chemical and detergent pumps
standard on LX40

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