HOME BUYER’s GUIDE: Frozen Drink Margarita Machines

One Fat Frog is here to offer this guide that will help you and will serve to link all of the guides on frozen drink machines.  While the majority of the guides have been written for the commercial consumer, there is value in them that will apply to use for the home user.  Special thanks to One Fat Frog restaurant & frozen drink slush machines for compiling this list.  If you are in the market for a good new or used frozen drink machine, they are a reliable and trustworthy source.

Be sure to see our other guides related to frozen drink machines:

  • Overview of all guides related to frozen drink machines, use, purchase, parts This has many guides ranging from – guide is a simple question and answer format for those looking to purchase or lease a margarita, daiquiri or frozen drink machine for home or business use.  Before you start searching for machines that are for sale you should click on this guide.  The guides offer overviews the difference between shaved ice/ blender machines and slush/ auger machines, making drinks and troubleshooting machines.

Or click on the specific Guides:

  • Buyer’s Guide- feature sheet Taylor Frozen Concepts Abaco Joe ice shaver machine This  guide is a  great introduction to the  Frozen Concepts  ABB1 which was private labelled for Taylor (model CA4).  The machine is a shaved ice machine/ blender combination  much like the Island Oasis that many bars use and you may be familiar with.  The Taylor / Frozen Concepts machine does dispense four drink mixes which is a strong advantage it has over the Island Oasis which does not dispense any mix.  The Taylor machine’s four dispensers also allows for combination dispensing of drink mixes into different concoctions.  For example if you had:  margarita, strawberry, daiquiri, peach mixes in the machine you could make:
  • Margaritas
  • Strawberry margaritas
  • Peach margaritas
  • Strawberry
  • Daqiuiri
  • Strawberry daiquiri
  • Peach daiquiri
  • Strawberry- peach daiquiri
  • Strawberry-peach margarita  And this is not even counting the drinks you could manually blend.
  • Alcoholic frozen drink list for frozen drink machines, ice shavers, slush This guide is quickly becoming a comprehensive guide for all frozen drinks one might make with a slush or ice shaver frozen drink machine.  A great guide for bartenders and restaurant owners as frozen drinks are an easy upsell to clients.  Increasing your daily revenue by simply adding a frozen drink machine.  This includes popular and outlandish margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, bellinis, rum runners and upcoming fads.  Be on the trend setting edge and frozen drinks can be a draw to your restaurant or facility.
  • Non-alcoholic frozen drink list for frozen drink machines, ice shavers & slush This is a list of popular and out-of-the-box frozen drinks that may be made in a non-alcoholic format.  For the business owner (restaurant, bar, mobile ice cream truck, beach rental concessions, fair concessions), frozen drinks machines are often a high revenue and low overhead machine; after all, the ice is free and with the right mix you can upsell and increase profit margins substantially.   When you’re looking at your client base, offering Nonalcoholic drinks increases your options; be it on a mobile ice cream truck- who said the moms can’t mix a little rum into the drink when they walk in their home?  or on the beach, this list will get you thinking in different directions.
  • Margaritas FAQ: frozen tequila we love to drink This fun guide gives a few short trivia points on tequila margaritas and few tips on how to serve/ drink. 
  • Overview of all frozen drink machine guides

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