Jet Tech F-16DP Undercounter Dishwasher for sale

Jet-Tech dishwashers are an affordable and reliable piece of equipment for your restaurant, bar or coffeeshop.  In this guide we will review the features of this model.  Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for their dedication to serving clients on eBay with excellent service, feedback and additions to the Buyer’s Guide categories.  When it comes to buying a new piece of equipment, affordability is key but customer service also ranks higher than lowest price.   One Fat Frog will help you get the piece of equipment whether it’s in the state of Florida, nationally or internationally.


  • fully automatic program with wash phase @ 150 degrees
  • final rise @ 185 degrees
  • capacity- 24 racks per hour
  • sanitary labyrinth door eliminates need for gasket
  • built-in pumps for rinse, auto detergent and drain

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