Key to buying used new restaurant equipment online

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is a brick and mortar restaurant equipment dealer who specializes in gently used restaurant supplies and also offers a full line of new equipment.  We are pleased to advise customers on the pitfalls and strengths of purchasing equipment online.  With a showroom centrally located in Sanford (think Orlando metro area), FL, we ship restaurant equipment world wide.  Here are a few keys to making good purchases of used equipment online or in person:

  • Ask the seller if you can have a “friend” stop by.  If they hesitate or refuse well then there’s your answer.  A reputable dealer will never deny you this.  In fact they’ll likely tell you they would want to fire up the equipment for you to see it!
  • Be sure you understand all shipping and crating costs upfront!
  • Look at feedback, ask about the company’s longevity
  • Clarify electrical and model numbers before purchasing
  • call the company and get a human on the phone!!!!  This is the single most important factor
  • Ask if they will custom crate the item to ship it
  • ask the sales person if they are familiar with the equipment, maintenance, have contacts at the company, can recommend a service tech in the area, understand shipping pitfalls for that type of equipment

For many shoppers purchasing equipment online is just good business sense.  You may save money even by purchasing an item and having it shipped across the country or the world because there simply are not many pieces of this equipment used in your area.

Buying new and used restaurant equipment on ebay can be a good deal- shop smart!

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