Master-bilt Equipment is environment GREEN-FRIENDLY

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and Master-Bilt Refrigerations Solutions have increased their efforts to protect our world.

Attending to the environment and creating equipment that acknowledges we have to protect our eco-system is important to both companies.  Master-Bilt commercial refrigeration systems is a leader among manufacturers as they have switched to a green friendly foam insulation for walk-ins and cabinets.  This insulation contains a 245fa blowing agent which is CFC/HCFC free.

Now, here’s the added bonus of being green-friendly:  you’re also receiving better performance!  The 245fa blowing agent has few voids and thereby increases insulation performance through a higher R-value.  In walk-in panels and cabinet walls we’re also seeing increased foam adhesion.

Shop with Masterbilt with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for a better environment and better restaurant equipment performance!  Feel free to contact One Fat Frog if you would like a special BIN on any Masterbilt item.

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