Master-bilt Gelato Merchandisers manufactured made USA

With more & more business being outsourced outside of the US, it is becoming more & more integral to our business models to integrate American made whenever possible for support and reliability in our food service environment.  You know the quality and service that comes with American made products!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is proud to represent Masterbilt Refrigeration Solutions and help you to build your dream.

Master-bilt introduced the first gelato merchandisers that were manufactured in the US back in 2005.

These gelato merchandisers are manufactured in the US based on a few premises:  faster service and parts and no exchange rate.  There are three models available- the Gel-6 which is 6 pans wide, GEL-9 which is 9 pans wide, and the GEL-12 which is 12 pans wide.  GEL-6 has one condensor unit; other models have 2 condensers.  The gelato merchandisers come with standard balck finish and a stainless steel front panel; there are optional color finishes and laminates available for ease of coordination with existing front-end look.

GEL models ship assembled; whereas some competitors ship a box of parts that need assembled.

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