QUICK FAQs: Margaritas the frozen tequila drink we love

This is a brief overview on Margaritas- frozen and on rocks.  We will include definition, overview of name, some types and anything else that tickles one’s fancy on Margaritas.

As a dealer of new and used frozen drink machines, One Fat Frog is surrounded by frozen drinks and luscious margaritas.  As distributors of Fresh Island Premium Frozen Drink Mixes we know the right way to make a top-shelf drink!  There really is nothing better than to hang on the beach or by the pool with a chilly margarita in your hand.  Oh wait, we didn’t say that… there’s just nothing like working at the showroom selling restaurant equipment (and knocking back drinks to… errr… taste test when the boss ain’t around).

  • A traditional margarita:  tequila, orange liquor/ triple sec or cointreau & lime juice (bottled, fresh or mix)
  • Margarita- Mexico’s National drink
  • Who invented the margarita? how did it get it’s name?  No, not from the corny song… but rumors abound and all end that it was named after a girl, somewhere between 1930s -50s – some say Rita Hayworth (aka Margarita Hayworth)
  • Adding sugar to Margaritas is an entirely American phenomena, as is sweet n’ sour mix
  • When using a frozen drink machine for margaritas, simply pouring the tequila on the top is divine
  • What is triple sec?  It’s an orange liquor from the skin of oranges.
  • What is blue curacao?  It’s an orange liquor that is colored blue, substitute it for triple sec to make cool blue drinks
  • Try something different– drinking margaritas new to you- only rim half the glass
  • Make your own sweet n’ sour for a GREAT drink

Thanks for reading this fun guide.  Please be sure to see our new recipe guides for some great different margarita recipes!

Have you enjoyed this fun margarita trivia- please vote positively for us.  Brought to you as a courtesy of One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment. Thanks!

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