RECIPE CLEANING: Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Fruit Coolatta

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant and Commercial Equipment for their efforts in the eBay guide category:  Business and Industrial.

Today’s guide surrounds the Frozen Drinks/ Coolatta’s which are available at Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide.  First of all, let’s talk about the equipment which is used.  Dunkin’ Donuts use TAYLOR model 430-12 in their franchises due to dependability.  This machine will make a consistent high quality drink.  This guide not only shares recipes but also Dunkin’ Donuts franchise cleaning suggestions.


You can use either coffee base or a neutral base.  If you are using neutral base then you will pump coffee concentrate into the client’s cup at this time.  A small drink takes 2 pumps or 1 oz./ medium 3 pumps or 1.5 oz/ large 4 pumps or 2 oz.  If you are using the coffee base you will not pump the concentrate in.

1.  Add dairy- measure dairy 1/4 the height of your cup
2.  Add flavor shot per client request.  Small and medium drinks = 1 shot/ large – 2 shots.  Obviously you can use shots like Hazelnut, vanilla, etc.  If you are mixing this at home or for a bar this is where you would include the alcohol or liquor shot such as Bailey’s Irish Cream.
3.  Fill the cup with frozen base to just below the rim, put lid on cup, and put mixing attachment into cup, mixxxxx
4.  Dunkin’ Donuts requires that after each coolatta the mixer blade must be sanitized by spinning it for one second in sanitizer solution.  Ever 4 hours employees are to brush clean mixer blade and rinse.
5.  This is where the whip cream comes in and the straw.

1.  Add concentrate 1/4 height of cup
2.  Add flavor shot now (same amt as COFFEE COOLATTA recipe above)  This is a great time to add flavored liquors if you’re making a mojita rum inspired lime drink or strawberry daiquiri or blue margarita
3.  Fill with frozen neutral base to just below rim, put lid on cup and put mixing attament into cup.
4.  Follow same cleaning and whip cream directions ats above.

1.  4 qts. water in mixing pail
2.  add base:

coffee base:  2 boxes coffee base (1 qt each) to reach the 6 qt fill line

neutral base:  one box neutral base (2 qts) to reacht eh 6 quart fill line– NOTE:  shake neutral base WELL before mixing with water
3.  Mix water & base with spatula or metal spoon
4.  Slowly pour the mixture into the hopper
5.  Clean and air dry mixing pail

1.  Sanitize mixing blade after EACH coolatta
2.  Every 4 hours- disassemble- wash, rinse, and sanitize concentrate pumps and dairy pumps; wash, rinse, sanitize mixer blade; brush clean mixer blade
3.  Every 8 hours:  wash, rinse, santize mixing pails – repeat each time before refilling

4.  Every 24 hours:  disassemble, rinse, sanitize machine
5.  Every week:  Break bacteria chain by discarding remaining product in Taylor machine
6.  Every month:  replace blades in your Taylor machine or at least during busy season
7.  Every 6 months:  clean condensor of machine

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