Restaurant food service community involvement donations

In many communities our restaurants and food service establishments are cornerstones of the community.  In such, the community that we feed also comes to us to ask for donations.  On average you’ll see 75 requests from groups and non-for-profits for time or money.  Let’s look at this creatively and as a way to help the community. If you have the programs in place before you’re asked for a donation you can easily arrange things to work within your business parameters.   Here’s a short list of ways to give back to the community in a creative manner:

  • stage a benefit night where a percentage of profits go to xxx organization.  Chik-fil-at does this quite successfully offering this to churches, schools and similar groups.  In fact they market this.  Children are a wonderful marketing tool.  Publix grocery store knows this and offers all children at the store a free cookie.  Little pickles in the long-run when mommy and daddy roll out of the store after spending $100-
  • How about donating catering services- sending a server and pre-cooked hot dogs or hamburgers?  The Ale House and Outback often rally together troops for community events and also community volunteers (think hurricane and storm work).
  • What about adopting a school or cause?  You can vary this from year to year.  Often the revenue you will receive from grateful members more than covers the donation you’ve made.
  • How about donating your left overs to the local homeless shelter or Senior Citizens’ Center.
  • Create a donations’ coordinator.  This is a great role to give a server or someone you’re prepping for management.

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