Selling used restaurant equipment restaurant closing

Thinking of closing your restaurant and selling the equipment?  One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment realizes this can be an emotional decision.  Is it a fine line between profit and living in the red?  As you consider the possibility of closing your restaurant, make a list of the pros and cons.  Sit down with your accountant, sit down with a small business consultant- in Seminole County, FL we have an incubation center that assists small businesses- called SCORE.  This organization is staffed by CEOs from large firms- think Fortune 500- who help you to look at restructuring, business plan and forecasting.    Look at professional organizations that provide information… are you just experiencing a trend or is it a loosing proposition?

Much compassion to you as you walk through this difficult road.  It’s not easy nor is it fun…  if we can help make it simpler, don’t hesitate to call

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