START UP: Naming your new Restaurant, Bar or Eatery

START UP: Naming your Restaurant

There are many details the restaurant owner has to attend to when gearing up to open a new place. One of these very important details is naming the restaurant.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant & Commercial equipment, we’vecreated a short list of items that you should consider when naming your restaurant. This list can easily be adapted for a variety of industries as the principles remain consistent. As you read this list, remember advertising’s rule of 5. This mean’s that a potential client must see your name in print five times before they do business with you. So, you want a memorable name.

1.  Simplicity – make it simple all around: easy to spell – don’t pick an off-spelling as that can be a nightmare to clients trying to call directory assistance to get your number or look you up on the internet. We have a business in Orlando that spells Classy with a “K”… I can’t tell you how much business they loose because the variant makes searching for them difficult.

2.  Memorable- The name should be catchy, memorable and fitting with both your restaurant theme and visually with a logo.

3.  Alphabetizing- A is for front of the phone book listings which is where you want to be. This also helps when you advertise in the paper’s restaurant directory, trade magazines or exchange website links. Most website links are arranged by alpha-order.

4.  Visual ease- is the name and sign it will be on easy to read when travelling past? “Peter picked a pepper” is a cute little name but is it really going to fit on your sign easily and will most people be able to read the WHOLE name in the time traffic passes your establishment?

5.  Infringement- think trademark, copyright, and all of that jazz. I know we’re all smart enough to not name our sub shop Subway unless it’s one of the franchises.

6.  First ideas- something that makes you think of food. It might very well work with the previous five rules but if it makes your stomache turn then it’s just not going to work.

7.  Growth- Is this something you can grow with? “Mama’s Breakfast Shack” really rules out the dinner crowd and also many potential lucrative lunch and dinner catering gigs. “Sonny’s Subs” likewise locks you in to subs. Likewise naming your restaurant after a location may not be wise in case you loose or outgrow your lease.

8.  Just because you’ve always dreamt of having an Italian Restaurant named “Louis’ Lasagna” doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Try a focus group for feedback on name, logo and visuals.

Thanks for reading our guide. We hope it’s given you some food for thought.

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