START UP: Restaurant floor plans, specs, equipment code

This guide will focus on quick tips for bar & restaurant equipment layout and kitchen floor/ flow plans.  Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their on-going contributions to the business & industrial categories on e-bay.

Here is a great little list of tips to get your planning thoughts focused:

  • When you think about layout remember:  service, speed and sanitation.  They’re all linked and one won’t work without the other.  Don’t place your beverage stations in the kitchen, place them closer to or on the serving floor for easy access; likewise you want toasters and microwaves accessible to servers if they are to use them.  You are slowing down wait staff if they have to move to a far corner of the restaurant or kitchen to complete serving a table.  Sanitation Equipment that is moveable is also cleanable- so put it on casters whenever possible and make it part of shift duties that equipment is regularly moved.  If casters are flat on one side then it’s not being maintained or cleaned!
  • Don’t under purchase your refrigeration.  This is a key to maintaining code compliance.  Be sure it is something you will grow into and that it allows enough ventilation and air flow.
  • Air supply and breathing to machinery is key- especially with ice machines that normally get stashed out of the way- the flow of traffic and the flow of air.
  • When you’re considering initial equipment cost you have to factor in service and maintenance.  Are you buying top of the line like Vulcan or an entry level oven?
  • We are all dedicated to work on lowering our bottom line, but it’s time that restauranteurs look at equipment as more than bottom-line cost.  Safety and performance should also be key factors.   Be willing to spend more upfront and save in the long-term operations costs.

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