STARTUP food service cost control proft ROI budget

Understanding food service cost control is an important piece of running a successful restaurant.  It is often underestimated by the entrepreneur who has a vision and lets what they perceive to be the day-to-day runnings up to the Kitchen Manager with little to no oversight.  This can be a costly mistake for a startup.

  1. First of all, CONTROL EXPENSES!  Even prior to startup you should question purchases and their short-term and long-term value.
  2. The manager of a food service operation should think about their operating cycle–> control of expenses, bottom line profit margin and ultimately their budgetary goals.
  3. Attention to this operating cycle should maximize revenues, control expenses and optimize finances for the restaurant’s strategic growth plan.
  4. Do you know what each entree or dish costs?  Have you factored in per person cost of table cloths, napkins, etc.?

Please be sure to see the extensive guides One Fat Frog offers in the Business & Industrial category.  Not intended to replace the school of hard knocks or traditional Hospitality and Food Service Managment courses, these guides are to encourage entrepreneurial thought and fresh ideas.  Shake it up a little bit!

Special thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant & Commercial Equipment for their extensive topics on guides.  They are the one-stop for new and used restaurant equipment.

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