The New Seller’s short guide to taking pictures

Taking pictures of your items is perhaps the most important part of the selling process.  It is the step in the process that can make or break your auctions.

Let’s talk about this important step.  The picture is the first part of the auction that any potential client will see.  If the picture doesn’t appeal to them, they will not click into the auction or buy-it-now and you loose a sale.

Beyond getting the client to click into the auction, pictures are also important to sales.  Be sure to honestly and accurately display any blemishes or problems that the item may have.

Other tips for taking pictures:

  • Use a backdrop for pictures- consistent use of a brightly colored backdrop will brand your sales
  • Get a light cube if you can- this will help with evenly lighting your item
  • If you are having difficulties getting details with your camera’s zoom then try your scanner.  Suprisingly enough scanners can do good job on difficult details on jewelry, watches, keys and smaller items.
  • Don’t photoshop your pictures so that they misrepresent your item
  • DO lighten your picture
  • DO crop your picture to only include the item
  • DO mention in your auction any items in the photos that may not be included in the auction
  • DO host your photos and inbed extra photos using HTML in your listing (turbolister can effectively help you do this.)

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