TIP Upscale cold displays floral, raw food & dessert

Why are you buying a huge deli case to display your desserts?  Do you really need that large merchandiser to show off prom display?  Have  a wonderful special raw dish that you are serving?  Some great daily specials?

Think about merchandising apart from the  crowd.  Give a little thought to using one of our Turbo Air or Jet-Tech sushi merchandisers to hold your  fresh items in a  unique and upscale presentation.


Now, let’s think a bit about presentation in a floral setting.  Prom is coming- why not put the boutonnieres or coursages on a beautiful bed of velvet surrounded by jewelry, perfume and love notes.  Or perhaps, surround them with a beautiful presentation harking on days of old when proms referred  to a season of classical  music.


A good part of the transition to enjoying a full raw diet is in the presentation.   Clients new to raw diets may just tend to lump this into carrot sticks and celery when the cuisine can be far from that and very clever tasting to the palate and pleasing to the eye.  An appropriately placed merchandiser can help increase carryout and takeout orders.  It works as a visual cue and reminder of the rich foods available.

DESSERTS, Hors devours, salads and side dishes

There are many ways to showcase your special desserts in a beautiful curved glass sushi merchandiser.  These display cases are just the right size for pastry, pies, cakes, puddings and even hors devours!   Be sure to showcase salads here and side dishes.  Again presentation is integral to the upsell.

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick tip sheet on using sushi merchandisers and coolers as an alternative merchandiser for anything from floral arrangements, to raw food, to desserts.  It can also be a great way to display any special merchandise that does well under cooling.

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant for continued support of eBay’s business & industrial restaurant categories.

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