With more and more business being outsourced outside of the US, it is becoming more and more integral to our business models to integrate American made whenever possible for support and reliability in our food service environment.

Restaurant, bar & food service professionals seek high quality products with excellent history of reliability and warranty offerings.  With this in mind,  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Sanford, FL is proud to offer Master-bilt refrigeration products to customers in Central Florida, nationwide and internationally.  This guide will serve a s brief overview of ice cream, frozen food and dairy cabinets that Masterbilt offers.

  • GEL SERIES Gelato merchandisers / cases that are MADE IN THE USA!
  • COLDIN SERIES standard display freezers with sliding insulated safety glass lids
  • COLDIN SERIES curved lid display freezers
  • GT SERIES Low temp low profile horizontal display merchandisers
  • DD/ DD-CG/ DD-L SERIES deluxe ice cream dipping display merchandisers
  • DC Series Convention Ice cream strage dipping cabinets
  • FLR SERIES Flavorail ice cream dipping cabinets with pumps and jar assemblies
  • IHC SERIES ice cream hardening and holding cabinets
  • FIP-40 SERIES ice cream and novelty display merchandisers

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on these items or would like us to post a private buy-it-now of any of the above items.  Click here to contact One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant equipment for their extensive contributions in the guide categories.  They are to be commended for their knowledge and contributions.

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