broker buy sell Restaurant food business Orlando FL

If you are in Orlando or Jacksonville, FL, and have been trying to sell your restaurant or food service business unsuccessfully, then perhaps it’s time to consider selling your equipment to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment .  We also work with many Orlando, Tampa, Merritt Island, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Daytona business  brokers to put together used equipment packages to increase the value of the businesses.

One Fat Frog also has several finance and lease programs that gladly work with used restaurant equipment!

For someone selling a business there are several tips we can give to upping your sell-ability factor.

Quick tips:

  1. Eye level counts! Just like in home remodel, put most of your money eye level.  This means- be sure your countertops and eye level equipment and furnishings are where the money is at.  Flooring and ceiling must be nice but does not need to be a money pit.  So make sure your table presentation is pretty but you don’t have to buy the most expensive flooring or seating.  Be sure countertops are quality and that wall decor is clean, neat, tidy and well-presented.  The same goes for window coverings and shades.
  2. it’s all used equipment- Here’s the little secret on new and used equipment.  As soon as you write the check and open the crate at your restaurant, guess what- it’s officially used!  In this market we are finding a LOT of gently used restaurant equipment under two years old.  You save on shipping and don’t take the overall hit.  And, when you’re selling your business it’s important that the equipment look nice but buyers don’t mind if it’s used.  After all, they are buying an existing restaurant.

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