top 8 list buying restaurant equipment new barely used

Here is One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s guide to buying new and barely used/ nearly new restaurant equipment at discount and bargain pricing.

1.     Be up to date with your local and state health inspectors, fire and building inspectors on their licensing requirements.  Ask for a spec sheet on do’s and don’ts for equipment.
2.     As soon as you cook on the equipment it is considered used.  Save a lot of money and buy used when you can.
3.     Buy from a well known dealer and ask to see it running before purchasing the item.
4.     Be clear with city and county zoning on your facility.
5.     Understand your electrical and gas needs- single phase or three phase?  Natural Gas or LP/ Propane?  Electric can also be crucial if you’re in a historical area.
6.     Don’t place regular refrigeration outside in a hot environment where you should have type II refrigeration.
7.     Be aware of entry ways for equipment transport- are they wide enough to get equipment in and out?  Is there a tricky staircase or other obstacle?
8.     Ask the business how long they have been around.  Do they recommend anyone for repair of equipment?  Do they have a technician on staff to fix their equipment?

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