3 Phase Electric Converter Use

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for this guide and set of frequently asked questions.  This guide to 3 phase electric converter use in restaurant equipment.  This guide shall work as a quick fact guide for the topic, it should not replace the consultation or services of a licensed electrician.

  • Is it important to figure out the power source?
    • Yes.  When buying used restaurant equipment it is integral that you figure out the:
      • Power Source
        • Natural Gas
        • LP gas aka Propane gas (you can get this installed via tank if you don’t have it at your facility)
        • Single Phase Electric or Three Phase Electric. (Every building does NOT have 3 phase)
        • May determine whether or not the equipment will work in your facility
  • What are the possibilities on three phase?
    • There are a few possibilities on three phase:
      • Does your building perhaps have three phase but your business doesn’t have it?
        • If so then it’s merely a line pull by a licensed electrician.
      • If you don’t have three phase you can look at purchasing a phase converter.
      • You will want to talk to manufacturer service technician and/ or local electrician about using a phase converter with specific equipment.

But, this opens up opportunities in purchasing specialized used restaurant equipment.


There are solutions to converting your power source.  You can by a step down or up phase converter to convert the electrical needs of a piece of equipment.  Prepare to pay a rather high price for this or to have three phase brought into your facility if you don’t have three phase electric there.  As to natural gas versus LP or propane, there are conversion kits but if you’re not dealing with a dealer prepare to for a headache.  A full-service dealer will be able to service your equipment and efficiently install a conversion kit onto your piece of equipment.

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