Structural Concepts – 7-Eleven Type Bakery Case

Lets take a look at the advantages of owning a case in your bakery by Structural Concepts.  Now offering brand new cases just like you see at 7/11!  In this set of frequently asked questions we cover what types of goods are generally used with this case as well as the advantages of having a self-serve section in your .

  • What are these cases good for?
    • These dry goods cases are excellent for:
      • Candies
      • Baked Goods
        • Donuts
        • Breads
        • Pretzels
    • Self-Service at:
      • School/Concession Area
      • Hotel Lobby
      • Any place you might encourage impulse sales with your customers
      • By increasing self-service you also decrease employee overhead

Take a look at Structural Concepts Addenda line as offered by One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment, or 407-480-3409