Astra Gourmet Series Pourover Espresso Machines Maker

Astra Gourmet series machines are great for making espresso, latte and cappuccino.  These machines are manufactured with the same commercial components as the Astra Mega Series – same Thermostat and same full-size rotary-vane Procon pump as the larger models.

Let’s look at the two gourmet pourovers in a little closer detail.  The Gourmet Auto Pourover is an automatic machine with an optional self-contained tank and deep drain tray.  This makes is a super machine for professional caterers, mobile services, offices and home / residential.  It really is plug and go!

The Gourmet Semi-Automatic Pour-over GSP is a semi-auto unit with stainless steel panels and pourover tank.

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their extensive additions to the Reviews and Guides Sections of eBay.  They are reliable online sales specialists and are commended for their honesty and integrity.

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