Astra Mega I Automatic espresso cappuccino machine

The Astra Mega I machine is an automatic machine that is reliable and dependable.  It’s one of the easiest commercial machines to operate, install and maintain.   This guide will serve as a quick fact sheet on these machines.  Thanks to One Fat Frog for their generous time in providing these product guides.


  • Astra Mega I Automatic comes equipped with one steam wand
  • comes equipped with one hot water wand
  • available in either 110 v or 220.
  • OUTSTANDING VALUE- it is the only espresso machine  that you can grow into to.   that can be upgraded to become a group two espresso machine with use of a conversion kit- it’s a machine you can grow into!
  • has thermo-circulation brewing system to provide absolute temperature consistency.


Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their extensive addition to the guides and reviews section of eBay.  They are reputable equipment dealers who have been selling online since 2000.

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