ASTRA Mega II Automatic espresso cappuccino coffee

This guide will showcase the Mega II as well as provide a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).  In this FAQ you can find out more about the Mega II as well as the specifics for heating, optional panels, the origin of its manufacturing, and the type of brewing system.

  • What is the Mega II’s best seller?
    • Mega II Automatic is Astra’s best seller
  • How about the specifics for heating?
    • 4,500 w heating element
    • 12 l boiler
    • 20% more steam and faster recover than competitors
    • GREAT for busy coffee shop!
  • What other optional panels are there?
    • Optional: single automatic steamwand, milk frother and stainless steel fram and panels
    • Optional- double automatic steamwands which operate independently;  thermacoupled sensor that automatically stops the steam at operator’s temperature
  • Where was it made?
    • Made in America
  • What kind of brewing system does it have?
    • Thermo-circulation brewing system to provide absolute temperature consistency.


Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their attention to the guides section online providing the community with information on restaurant equipment stock.   We would also like to thank them for their extensive addition to the guides and reviews section of eBay.  They are reputable equipment dealers who have been selling online since 2000.

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