Business Plan: Gelato facts pasteurizing machine

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for this FAQ/Guide on gelato in the commercial setting.  The Gelati or Gelato is Italian ice cream made from a liquid, milk or water; a solid, sugar, fats or sweeteners; flavorings, pastes, fruit powders; stabilizers, guar gum, locust bean, etc.; emulsifiers, mono- and digylcerides; and air. The process in which gelato is made varies on the ingredients used as it can be made using a hot process, which includes pasteurization or as a cold process which doesn’t require pastuerization. Both processes require a gelato batch freezer, which makes the end product by mixing the ingredients and incorporating air. Like high-end ice cream, gelato generally has less than 55% air, resulting in a denser and more flavorful product.

  • Do I need a Gelato pasteurizer at my retail location?
    • If you sell product out in less than 2 days then no need.
    • If your sell batch is taking more than 2 days then you should consider a good pasteurizer.  Let’s do the math:  to sell out product in 1-2 days you would have sold approximately 960 servings (customers) from a 24 pan case or 1,440 from a 36 pan case.
  • Can you give me the details on Gelato cases?
    • Each case has pans (can hold 18-24 pans).
    • This means the case might be holding up to 48 or more flavors!
  • How many servers do 5 liter pans hold?
    • 5 liter pan holds 30 -40 servings
  • What is a favorite staple of gelaterias?
    • Vanilla is often favorite staple of all gelaterias
  • What is the general cost per serving?
    • Approx cost $30 to produce (40) 4 oz servings
  • How about storage?
    • Can be stored unopened (if pasteurized) for up to 12 months in a deep freeze

Be sure to see our other Gelato guides on freezing, storage and serving temperatures.

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