Barista Coffee Terms

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Well, maybe you think you can drink espresso with the best of them, but do you really know your lingo?  See how many of these you really know the meaning of…

Addshot: additional shot of espresso

Affogato:  Vanilla espresso served over gelato- vanilla sometimes replaced by other flavors

Americano: aka Caffe Americano. Espresso diluted w/ hot water

Americano Misto: Americano w/ steamed milk. Like latte w/o foam-steamed milk & hot water added to 1/2 & 1/2 rather than steamed milk.

Barista: Trained Espresso bartender specializing in coffee.

Breve: Short for Espresso Breve. Espresso w/ half-n-half or semi-skimmed milk.

Café Au Lait: French style, w/ coffee & boiled milk poured simultaneously into cup.

Café Con Leche: espresso shot w/ remainder of cup of steamed milk

Caffè Amaretto: Latte w/ almond syrup.

Cafe’ BonBon:  shot of espresso in small glass w/ condensed milk.  Shot & milk separate unless stirred, reminscent of black & tan

Caffè Con Panna: Demitasse of espresso topped by dollop of whipped cream. AKA Espresso Con Panna.

Caffè Corretto: AKA Espresso Corretto. adding cognac or other liquor.

Caffè Creme: AKA Espresso Creme. espresso w/ 1 oz. heavy cream. AKA “Café Crème.”

Cafe Cubano: Sugar added to espresso grounds during brewing = sweet taste. Sugar also whipped into small amt of espresso after brewing & mixed w/ remainder of shot.

Caffè Freddo: Chilled espresso in glass

Caffè Latte: AKA Latte; espresso made w/ steamed milk, topped by foamed milk. most popular espresso drink.

Caffè Lungo: Same as an Americano.

Caffè Medici: doppio poured over chocolate syrup & orange/ lemon peel, usually topped w/ whipped cream.

Cafe Macchiato:  small amt of foam spooned onto espresso. different than latte macchiato

Caffè Mocha: AKA Mocha. latte w/ chocolate.

Cafe’ Noissette:  Espresso w/ warm milk

Caffè Ristretto: concentrated short shot w/ same amount of coffee as full shot

Cake in a Cup: Double cream, double sugar. AKA Double Double.

Cappuccino: shot of straight espresso w/ foamed milk on top. In US, cappuccino is made as cafè latte w/ more foam= less espresso than traditional .

Caramel: A latte w/ caramel syrup.

Cher Sugar: w/ equal.

Cloudy: semi wet cappuccino.

Cortado: Espresso “cut” w/ a small amount of warm milk.

Corretta: Some sort of liquor added

Crema: tan-colored foam that forms on top of espresso shot from brewing process. Crema is composed of minuscule air bubbles -> espresso film & forms a “cap” that protects the espresso proper from being exposed to the air.

Demitasse: Small cup for serving espresso straight, no chaser.

Doppio: double shot of espresso

Double: AKA doppio.

Double Cup: espresso served in two cups, just in case one cup is too hot to handle.

Double Double: Double cream, double sugar.

Drip: regular coffee.

Dry: Foamed milk.Sans steamed milk

Espresso: 1-oz shot of espresso made from Arabica, not Robusta beans (used in making regular coffee). Arabica has 1/2 caffeine of Robusta. Word espresso comes from brewing method – hot water is pressed by piston/ pump through finely ground, firmly packed coffee.

Espresso Breve: Espresso w/ half-n-half or other semi-skimmed milk.

Espresso Crème: Espresso w/ an ounce of heavy cream.

Espresso Freddo: Chilled espresso over ice.

Espresso con panna : Espresso w/ whipped cream on top.

Espresso Lungo: long pull, to squeeze max from bean. Opinion varies from stronger brew to bitter one

Espresso Macchiato: Espresso w/ topped with dollop of steamed milk.

Espresso Ristretto: shorter or “restricted” pull. Creates thicker drink.

Faema:  Excellent brand name of espresso and cappuccino machines.  Often used in Starbucks, Barneys and other high traffic coffee houses.

Flat White: coffee drink popular Down Under, made of 1/3 espresso & 2/3 steamed milk.

Foamless: Sans foamed milk.

Frappuccino: iced or chilled cappuccino. AKA Frap or Frappe

Granita: Latte w/ frozen milk.

Half-Caf: Half decaf.

Harmless: decaf espresso

John Wayne:  2 shots flavored syrup, often caramel or vanilla, 2 portions of half & half, & 2 shots of espresso. Ingredients are added slowly in this order, so that end result is layered w/ 3 distinct flavors & temperatures- customarily drunk at once.

Latte: Espresso made w/ steamed milk, sometimes topped w/ latte art. Popular in US but not well known worldwide

Latte Macchiato: reverse cafè macchiato, w/ espresso poured on vanilla-flavored milk & flavored sauce (often caramel or chocolate) drizzled on foam.

Latte Puné: mini-latte w/ full shot of espresso.

Latteccino: latte w/ more froth or a cappuccino w/ more milk

Long Black:  Espresso & hot water – equal parts.

Lungo: double water through ground coffee, yielding weaker taste

Macchiato: Short for Caffè Macchiato or Espresso Macchiato.

Mocha: Short for Cafe Mocha.

Mochaccino: cappuccino w/ chocolate.

Nico: breve w/ orange syrup & cinnamon.

No Foam: Steamed milk w/out any foam.

No Fun: decaf, non-fat latte AKA skinny harmless or why bother

No Whip: No whip cream.

On a Leash: To go, w/ handles.

Quad: 4 shots, AKA double-double

Red or Black Eye: coffee w/ 2 shots of espresso. AKA slingblade, depth charge, shot in the dark,  Al Pacino, autobahn, or hammerhead.

Rice Dream Latte: latte made w/ Rice Dream, instead of milk.

Rice Latte: latte made w/ rice milk, instead of milk.

Ristretto: short shot w/ same amount of coffee as full shot, just concentrated. Sweetest part of the shot.

Short & Dry: minimize the amount of milk relative to coffee in a latte or cappuccino

Single: espresso from single shot,

Soy Latte: latte made w/ soy milk, instead of milk.

Shot: Equivalent to a single.

Shot in the Dark: regular coffee w/ shot of espresso. AKA Speed Ball

Skinny: latte made w/ non-fat or skim milk

Skinny Harmless: non-fat, decaf latte AKA Why Bother.

Speed Ball: cup of regular coffee w/ espresso.

Tall: 12-ounce cup.

Thunder Thighs: double-tall mocha w/ whole milk & extra whipped cream.

Triple: 3 shots

Unleaded: Decaf.

Venti: 20 oz. cup

Wet: Sans foamed milk; steamed milk only.

Whipless: Sans whipped cream

White Mocha: mocha made w/ white chocolate.

Why Bother: decaf, non-fat or skim milk latte, AKA skinny harmless.

With Legs/ With Wings: cup w/ handles.

With Room: space left at top of cup for additional cream or avoiding spillage

Without: Sans foam. Zebra: 1/2 regular mocha, 1/2 white mocha.


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