FAQs Guide: ice maker machines remote refrigeration

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment for this quick facts guide on commercial ice makers for use in restaurants, bars, soft serve ice cream shops, delis, pizza shops and meat markets.   This guide should help as a quick reference to explain a few refrigeration terms and give some quick knowledge.  Also in order to make this guide easier it has been converted to an easy to read FAQ (frequently asked questions) or a question and answer type format.

Remote Refrigeration FAQ

  • What is remote refrigeration?
    • Remote refrigeration is a system where the refrigeration is not by the actual unit.
  • Can you give me an example?
    • For example, at our home we have remote refrigeration with our a/c units as part of it is outside.  But on our refrigerator at home we have integrated refrigeration that is self-contained.  As you are buying sushi cases, frozen drink machines and other commercial equipment, pay attention if the it is remote or self-contained and also if the remote refrigeration is with the unit.
  • Do I need an experienced technician?
    • Remote refrigeration can be a frustrating long-term purchase for a restaurant owner as it’s difficult to move, costly to install and may cost you excessively if you don’t have experienced technicians to install.
  • Where is the remote refrigeration generally located?
    • Remote refrigeration can be located on the roof of your business (think commercial air conditioning units) which can be a costly place to get repairs.  You can also locate remote refrigeration in another room or in the rear of your restaurant- out of sight.
  • Types of equipment that may come with remote refrigeration:
    • Air conditioning, frozen drink, ice machines, refrigerators, freezers, walk ins, display cases, sushi cases

Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment for this quick guide to remote refrigeration

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