GELATO: Batch freezer display shock blast chiller case

Gelato Italian ice cream can be a very profitable addition to your restaurant, ice cream shop, coffee shop or bakery.  In this guide we will briefly discuss the frequently asked questions regarding the equipment used to make a tasty gelato:

  • What are the key pieces used to make a gelato?
    • The 4 key pieces of equipment are the batch freezer, the gelato display case, the shock blaster, and the chiller freezer.
  • Batch freezer
    • Makes the gelato with less air and less butterfat
  • Gelato display case
    • Holds product at higher temp than traditional American ice cream (12 to 15 degrees)
  • Shock blaster
    • Provides the needed blast
  • Chiller freezer
    • Freezes your gelato to the perfect temp

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