Gelato ice cream machine batch freezer Trittico Bravo

Gelato is a great product and batch freezers that produce gelato are all the rage in espresso and ice cream shops.  This set of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will provide information on the Bravo Trittico machine model Executive 122 e 183.

Bravo Trittico machines FAQ:

  • What kind of equipment is this?
    • Premier equipment for top shelf product
  • What is it best used for?
    • Great for retail and wholesale
    • Think restaurants, coffee shops, malls,
  • What can the Bravo Trittco Executive 122 e 183 do for me?
    • Create gelato, ice cream, sorbet  & other delectable deserts
  • Is it a freezer or pasteurizer included?
    • Yes, it is a batch freezer and pasteurizer in one
  • How many speed settings does this machine use?
    • Two speed machine
  • Is this unit going to take up a lot of space?
    • Save space on your floor plan compared to other mfg.
  • How about a low air over-run?
    • Produce gelato and sorbets at a low air over-run
  • Can I switch to a medium over run?
    • Yes.  Produce premium ice creams at medium over-run with just the turn of a knob
  • How long does it take to freeze?
    • Bravo freezes down in 8-9 minutes to 12 degrees, extremely quick when one considers it is powering down from 185 degrees after pasteurization with estimated 30-35 percent overruns

Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their extensive additions to the guides on gelato and restaurant equipment on eBay.  This company is to be commended for their integrity and honesty.

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