Grab n’ Go refrigerated open air merchandiser display

Open Air merchandisers are a great way to upsell your product in the commercial setting.  Often called Grab n’ Go, the refrigerated air-screen case can help to dramatically increase sales (particulary impulse) by improving accessibility between customer and product.

When you’re thinking merchandisers, prepare to be wow’ed by Structural Concepts lines of refrigeration.  There are so many flexible display case options out there:  think hot display at top, cold grab n’ go on bottom.  Or how about a case where the refrigeration can be turned on and off?  Use same case for non-refrigerated bakery in the morning and refrigerated in the same place at lunch.  This is great is front end space is limited and you want to increase your menu and in turn increase your sales.

See Structural Concepts for Optima and Contempra lines, supermarket bakery cases, floral display cases, deli merchandisers, food service, restaurants, coffee shops, university and other institutional food service operations.

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