GUIDE sale use purchase Rondo Reversible Dough sheeter

This guide is on commercial baking equipment such as the Rondo Reversible dough sheeter.  Here are some quick frequently asked questions or FAQs and facts about Rondo dough sheeters and the Rondo company.

  • What are these machines generally used for?
    • These machines are used in commercial settings to make dough in large quantities in a highly efficient manner.
  • How long has been a leader in bakery and food?
    • Rondo is a leader in bakery and food processing equipment manufacturers and systems for almost 50 years.
  • What kind of machinery and equipment does Rondo manufacture?
    • Food processing machinery
    • Bakery pastry equipment
    • Pastry machines
    • Bakery equipment
    • Make-up lines
    • Break making machines
    • Sheeters
  • Does Rondo work with any test bakeries?
    • Rondo works closely with customers in test bakeries located in US, Switzerland, France, and the UK as each company’s needs for bakery finished articles will be based on different products
  • What are sheeters best used for?
    • Sheeters are great for use making:
      • Pizza dough
      • Calzones
      • Pie crusts
      • Pita bread
      • Tortillas
      • Croissants
      • Puff pastry
  • What else are their machines designed for?
    • These machines are designed for many commercial uses such as:
      • Hotels
      • Bakeries
      • Schools
      • Hospitals

Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment for their contributions to the field of new and used restaurant equipment sales.   This company is to be commended for their honesty and integrity in online sales.  They have been reputable online sellers since 2000.

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