Guide what is a refrigerated display case merchandiser?

When buying a open display case, refrigerated merchandiser or grab & go there are several things to consider.  Let’s start out talking about the difference in types of merchandisers and the makes of these cases.  Some of the larger manufacturers of refrigerated and dry display cases are Federal, Hussman, Beverage Air, Turbo Air and Structural Concepts.  These manufacturers have a variety of visual components and service choices.

The merchandiser on the left is from Structural Concept’s line called Oasis.  This is an open merchandiser as used in grocery and coffee shops.  It’s often used in checkout lines or near registers at gourmet grocers, c-stores/ convenience stores, and coffee houses.  This unit also has what is called an air screen which blows cold air up and over the merchandise.

This case is a vertical grab n’ go as often used in Starbucks and other coffee shops and bakeries.  The front part of the case is grab and go while the top is refrigerated service from the rear.  These are versatile units that can take a business from morning breakfast to lunch to afternoon snacks and then on to dinner and late evening bites.  Imagine using it in your grocery, school, nursing home, bakery, convenience store or restaurant to increase impulse sales.

This is a dry goods or bakery non-refrigerated vertical self-service case.  These cases are often seen at 7/11 convenience stores.  Dry goods cases can be used for artisan breads, pretzels, pastries, cookies, donuts and cupcakes.  Use it to display your gourmet breads and dried foods.  These cases, also, encourage impulse sales.

As you can see there is a great variety of merchandising cases out there for your food service needs.  Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment for their extensive additions to the guides category on eBay and adding to the restaurant and food service areas.

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