Jet-Tech Jettech Sushi Case Hoshizaki Turbo Air SALE

This great machine is more than comparable to Hoshizaki’s line but priced more affordably.  In this set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we cover the technical aspects of the Jet-tech when compared to the lower Hoshizaki Turbo Air model:

Let’s look at some of the features:

The Jet-Tech Sushi Case

  • What kind of lighting?
    • Interior light
  • What about the dimensions/length?
    • 5, 6 and 7 ft lengths
  • What kind of exterior material is used?
    • Anodized Aluminum
  • Glass?
    • Curved Glass Front
    • Front glass opens for easy cleaning.
    • Sliding Rear Door
  • Is there any drain required?
    • No Drain Required
  • How is the temp displayed?
    • Digital Thermometer
    • Adjustable Temperature
  • What other options are there?
    • Added no added cost:
      • Left or Right Compressor
      • Silver or Bronze Finish
      • Sealed Upper Coil
  • What about the approvals?
    • UL and UL Sanitation (USF 7) Approvals

Contrast with the Hoshizaki Sushi refrigerated sushi display case:

  • Hoshizaki noted differences when compared:
    • Lacks Interior Lighting
    • Exterior material is PVC and ABS plastic
    • Does not have curved front glass
    • Only available in Mat Black finish
    • Only has an analog thermometer
    • Does NOT have an adjustable temperature
    • Upper coil is exposed

Jet-Tech features appear to be clearly superior to Hoshizaki offerings.  Why pay more when you can get great features at a more affordable price?

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment for their continued offerings in the refrigerated display merchandisers in Business and Industrial Food Service Categories.