NSF Type II Refrigeration Merchandising Unit Case

This guide will cover what the NSF is in a set of easy to understand questions and answer segment.  This FAQ will also cover what NSF Type II refrigeration certification is and how it applies to narrow depth display merchandisers.  Special thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment for their additions to the guides categories and in particular their emphasis on Structural Concepts.


  • What does NSF stand for?
    • NSF means National Sanitation Foundation.
  • What is NSF Type II Refrigeration certification?
    • NSF qualifies any environments that exceed 75 degrees fahrenheit and 55% humidity as Type II.
    • This means they will work outside in theme parks, walking malls, schools and other environments (think concessions) that may have a higher temperature and humidity?
  • Did you know…
    • Harmony slim line profile units by Structural Concepts are 32 1/8″ inches deep and fit through all standard 36″ doors & they are also the ONLY narrow depth cases certified for NSF Type II refrigeration?