QUICK FAQ Guide to Gelato Italian Ice cream machine

In this FAQ we discuss the more commonly asked questions about the Gelato.  From the origin of the Gelato to the exact temperature to serve them at.  This guide or FAQ (frequently asked questions) can answer some of the questions you most likely have.  Thanks One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for providing this FAQ/Guide on the Gelato.

The Gelato FAQ

  • What does Gelato actually mean?
    • Gelato is nothing more than the  Italian word for ice cream.
  • Is there any difference between ice cream and gelato?
    • Gelato does differ greatly from our traditional American ice cream.
  • Is the process different to make gelato?
    • Yes, it is made with less air so it has a much denser consistency and includes less butterfat.
  • What do they call Ice Cream Parlors in Italy?
    • In Italy they call Ice Cream Parlors — Gelatorias.
  • What kind of flavors does can you make a gelato?
    • Can come in great flavors ranging from our traditional chocolate, strawberry and vanilla to gourmet superstars such as chocolate peppermint, JD Butter Pecan, Pink Champagne to Raspberry Zing.
  • What is the traditional flavor used in Italy?
    • Italian traditional flavor- Hazelnut Nocciole
  • What % is the cost to make and sell and gelato?
    • Food costs generally range for 13-30 percent
  • Is there a difference of air in a gelato in the US?difference in air:
    • US ice cream is 60 percent air,  gelato is 20 percent by volume
  • QUICK TIP: use fresh ingredients for better flavor beyond sugar and fat induced trips

Thanks for reading this quick fact guide on Gelato by One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment.  Reputation, integrity and service- what One Fat Frog is known for.

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