Quick Guide FAQ: what is a Revolving Pan Tray Oven

Here are some quick facts in the format of an FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Revolving Pan Ovens for commercial food service installations as used in bakeries, restaurants, bistros, schools, cafeterias and wholesale kitchens.  One Fat Frog Commercial & Restaurant Equipment is to be thanked for adding to the guide section on eBay.   This quick frequently asked questions guide is just a brief overview of tips and material about revolving pan ovens that are often used for baking Bagels and Pretzels.

  • What are steam injection units used for?
    • Steam injection units can be used for bagels, pretzels, and other bread items.
  • What can I use a revolving pan tray oven for?
    • The revolving pan tray oven can be used for bagels, pretzels, breads, rolls, cakes, cookies etc.
  • What about using a revolving shelf oven for pizza?
    • Mall venues use them near customer eye level for warming slices- easy for employees to use.
  • What about air circulation around items?
    • These units allow for greater air circulation for quality cooking
  • What about cooking french bread?
    • French bread is not always the best for these types of units
  • What kind of pan sizes should I use?
    • Generally you can use 12 to 72 pan sizes
  • How can I get more help for custom setup?
    • One Fat Frog can help you find custom stone shelves for any of your ovens.
    • These will be custom made to fit the steel shelf of your oven.

If you are looking for a special oven don’t hesitate to contact One Fat Frog; they are known for reliability, honesty and integrity.  Looking to  buy or sell a revolving pan tray baking oven?  Let us help you with all of your restaurant equipment needs.

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