Structural Concepts Air screen cases grab n’ go Box

Structural Concepts has the Oasis Box series for items that are ready to purchase.  These machines are air screen cases – simple in functionality and appearance while being excellent dependable refrigeration for performance, ease of service and maintenance.  These cases/ boxes are perfect for alcoves in hospitals, airports, cafeterias and universities because of their optional removable security cover options.    They also can fit closely to a wall- they are built for this.  These units are only 24″ deep, fit snug to a wall and have the base mounted slide-out Breeze refrigeration that is highly coveted!

  • What are the strengths of these boxes?
    • 24″ depth
  • What about having it against the wall?
    • The position should fit snug to a wall
  • What about the refrigeration system
    • Breeze refrigeration system
  • What kind of air intake?
    • Front air intake
  • Is there any cover option?
    • Security cover option

Thanks to One Fat Frog Commercial and Restaurant Equipment for their additions to the guides categories on eBay.  One Fat Frog is a reputable online dealer.

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