Structural Concepts Allure Wine Floral Merchandisers

This guide or set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) is about the Allure line of Structural concepts refrigerated and non-refrigerated floral merchandisers.  Call 407.936-2733 or to purchase these cases. These merchandisers offer a variety of configuration choices in which we cover in this FAQ.

Allure line of Structural concepts (refrigerated/non-refrigerated) floral merchandisers:

  • What are some examples of the variety of choices?
    • The variety of choices includes:
      • Doors
        • Open
        • Upright
        • Profile.
  • What about other options of merchandising arrangements?
    • There are many option of merchandising arrangements including:
      • cut flowers
      • plants
      • wines
      • living arrangements
      • live cultures
      • and similar items.

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for this section of the frequently asked questions (FAQ/Guide).

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