Structural Concepts: Breeze refrigeration system

Structural Concepts newest refrigeration system is called Breeze and it is found in different refrigerated display cases.  These cases are used in restaurants, convenience stores, groceries, delis, coffeeshops and bars.  The Breeze Systems are found in select Encore, Oasis and Renaissance merchandisers.  In this guide we discuss the benefits of the Breeze system in an easy to understand set of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

  • How reliable is the Breeze system?
    • The Breeze system is rugged and reliable
    • It is designed to run longer and require less system service
  • What about maintenance with the Breeze system?
    • Quick and EZ to maintain– components can be easily reached for cleaning or adjustment without tools; microprocessor does more than control defrost cycles, performs troubleshooting which, in turn, makes service calls shorter and less expensive.
  • What about the product temperature?
    • Excellent product temperature
    • Consistent temp is central to product shelf life and profits;
    • Breeze does not compromise product shelf-life or shrinkage
  • What are the nice features of the Breeze System?
    • slide-out refrigeration
    • smart microprocessor
    • computerized troubleshooting
    • oversized condensor coil
    • magnetic filter

Thanks to One Fat Frog and Structural Concepts for this information on the Breeze Refrigeration system.

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