Why BUY a soft serve ice cream machine twist maker used

Quick Guide/FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):  Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines brought to you by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

  • Why & who buys a soft serve machine?
    • Soft serve is a type of ice cream used for a variety of frozen desserts served in a myriad of settings.
    • It is quick & easy to prepare & serve & often needs much less storage space & preparation than serving traditional hard ice cream that requires scooping.
    • When you look at various frozen treat establishments, you will find soft serve ice cream being used for everything from rootbeer floats to banana splits, for cones to custard. Really the combinations are limitless.
    • Even with a small tabletop single flavor machine you can offer a great variety of deserts. You can use the same piece of equipment to offer a variety of products even if you don’t have a twist machine- try offer a flavor of the day by using a different mix.
    • For example there are reduced fat, low-fat, non-fat, fat free products. As well there are ice milk, frozen custard, sherbert, sorbet, yogurt & tofu mixes.
  • What about the importance of buying a dependable machine?
    • Buying a dependable soft service machine will directly relate to a high profit.
    • In fact, many businesses add soft serve for the great profit margin that it creates.
    • The low manpower & low cost of food inventory compared to what you charge customers really makes for a nice profit margin.
  • What makes soft serve so easy?
    • The ease of soft serve is that it is dispensed directly from the equipment to the serving dish & is QUICK!
    • Depending upon the unit you may need totally tear it down & clean it after each day or you can put it on a standby mode overnight.
    • You will also find that some of the soft serve or milkshake machines can be manually reset or changed to provide another product by purchasing a conversion kit & changing the ice cream temperature setting.
  • Who uses soft serve machines?
    • Our customers are varied, we have school cafeterias, mobile ice cream trucks, concessions, restaurants, beach bars, stores, mini-golf courses and theaters that all buy machines to boost their sales.
    • It’s also a great concessions/ fundraiser idea for your group and an unique item to add to your equipment rental business.
  • Looking to buy a great soft serve machine?
    • See us. If we don’t currently have it listed on e-bay, chances are it’s sitting in our warehouse waiting to be listed or may be sold before we list it. So, be pro-active and call us to arrange a private BIN for the item.
    • We often carry Taylor, Electrofreeze and other dependable brands.
    • Give us a call or drop us a line and we can post a private buy-it-now for you. (407).687.8057
    • Of course we accept all major credit cards and have a commercial credit/ financing/ leasing program to make your purchases easy.
    • We are pros at shipping freight internationally, so don’t hesitate if you have an odd ship.

We also have a guide on purchasing a used soft serve machine.
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