New Restaurant Resource Center Materials

We have numerous materials in our new restaurant resource center.  These materials are focused on the startup restaurant owner who is opening in Florida.  Some of the materials in our Resource Center are:

  • location & leases
  • smallwares
  • ice makers
  • startup checklist
  • business planning
  • opening a coffee shop, pizzeria, bar, catering food service establishment
  • Florida Food Service Managers Certificate

We will also begin sponsoring food service specialist lectures and roundtable discussions in the coming months.   We welcome local restauranteurs in the Orlando, Central Florida, St. Augustine, Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville Florida areas to stop in and participate on lectures with experts on the following topics:   commercial dishwasher leasing & sanitation- hoods, low temp v. high temp, water systems- IO, filtration & why, product line information, Combi ovens, startup business planning, construction- submitting plans, location, buildout, financing & leasing, equipment usage.

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