short history of Rengetsu

So you gotta love the restaurant industry. No matter how we slice it the world is only so large and we’ve all grown up in food service. When we first started liquidating Rengetsu Sushi and Japanese restaurant on I-drive in Orlando FL I called up a friend and said are you interested in x, y and z. They laughed and said, hey, that was my first job at that place… I was the dishwasher and you know what? I took my wife on our first date there.

Small world, eh?

I offered to let him stage a romantic dinner at the restaurant that nite… lol… somehow he didn’t think it would be too romantical while we were pulling restaurant equipment around them.

But, really romance is alive at the frog. In fact we have at least one little tadpole in utero right now… so, don’t get your hopes up about google girl… but I’m just saying one of the guys inthe warehouse is gonna be a dad. Come in and guess which of them looks to be putting on some maternity weight… lol

So, if you’re looking to purchase some sushi equipment, we’ve got a lot for sale. Seems like we’ve liquidated about a few sushi restaurants more than we thought existed…

Call your friends at One Fat Frog at 407-936-2733 for more information