so here you go… chuck norris

You might know we pull a lot of restaurants. What’s a pull? Well it’s our lingo for when we “pull” a restaurant and that’s how the miracle of used restaurant equipment makes it to the Frog. So here’s the thing, you knew it didn’t magically arrive at the Frog. Our Star Trek materialization skills aren’t that great either, so while it takes you mortal restauranteurs a few weeks or months to put together a bar, grill or restaurant, it takes us Froggers just a few hours to “pull” the entire place.

So not too long ago, well a while ago we pulled one of the top sushi restaurants in the nation- yes, sadly Rengetsu came to the Frog as it had seen it’s day.

Anyhoo, so we’re at Rengetsu working crazy hours- I think way too many 16 hour days thanks to our foreman… uhmmm yeah and something like I had eight or nine stitches in the arm thanks to some steel rebar and now they’re trying to say no computer nerd girls on the job site… but that is story for another post on our One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment blog.

So around 10 at nite we got punch drunk from so much fun- ain’t nothing like find calamari aka squid aka octopus that’s been a locked up Florida room temperature walk in cooler for say over 30 days… the aroma is … anything but refreshing.

The Restaurant Equipment Doctor is telling Chuck Norris jokes and I have a few emailed to my iphone and start quoting them. We manage to pull the hood- good times I tell you, good times!- and our new dubbed … well what is he dubbed? anyhoo one of the guys who is yet to be named says after we are all about to fall over, Chuck Norris ain’t got nothing on us!

and so it seems Frog history is re-written… Chuck Norris ain’t got nothing on us…

and prepare for sushi equipment, smallwares galore for sale! I’m talking tons, some vintage…

next up, a super Rengetsu story about the time on I-Drive